04/06/2020 11:01
HELLO TOONATOR! Excited to announce my first (and last) contest on Toonator! The theme is MEMORIES and what that means to you! || RULES: Entries should be an animation (even if that means a stillframe with a tiny bit of movement) made with only the default Toonator colors. The more creatively you tell a story, the better! Please no overtly sexual themes. If your anim is inappropriate, I won't medal it. || AWARDS: First place--colored drawing of anything - Second place--colored bust - Third place--lineart of anything - ALL PARTICIPANTS GET A MEDAL! :) This is due 4/21, have fun! <3
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vangle 06/29/2020 16:45
Serulii 05/19/2020 13:40
gueswhatimafurry 04/25/2020 10:20
trigger warning tho
SakuraStudio 04/25/2020 07:54
Done, didnt have much time :D
Chipz 04/24/2020 03:01
yeah this is the worse
Rushy 04/23/2020 11:57
Tiredandvibing 04/22/2020 09:47
TulpTulp77 04/21/2020 11:49
Dragonwolf950, the deadline got pushed back
Dragonwolf950 04/21/2020 08:57
the deadline was today =_= why me and my bad timing
DrIsJam 04/20/2020 16:11