Should I Try Going for Passer?

05/22/2020 20:27
I've been here for a year and a half :|
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emileee 05/23/2020 16:02
AirDragon23, if you keep making animations like this you'll get passer for sure!
AirDragon23 05/23/2020 15:00
Wait wtf why is it in oldschool
NinjaCat908 05/23/2020 11:57
_StarMoonlight_ 05/23/2020 11:00
dude, this is already in oldschool, I think you'll get it
NinjaCat908 05/23/2020 09:01
Rigbyart 05/23/2020 01:58
vangle 05/22/2020 22:05
No,really no worthy.
poxem 05/22/2020 22:05
huh sure but not now
emileee 05/22/2020 21:58
JillAndJack 05/22/2020 21:42
you should probably make longer toons with more fluid and diverse movement. also each frame is really simple so you should add detail