08/30/2018 00:02
Sup! after a long summer away from animating I'm back, and reafy to get back into the swing of animation. behold my new art style...I think... It might change.
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antheafc 08/31/2018 06:00
_retsasiD_ 08/30/2018 09:52
forever_gone 08/30/2018 06:49
Finny your animating has improved a lot!!!
Keep up the good work hun!!
MeuMeu_Leijon 08/30/2018 05:01
-_YOU_NOOB_-,((7H475 4 L07 0F 3M0J15 o_o;
-_YOU_NOOB_- 08/30/2018 04:44
Мммм суп суп суп шикарный мы наварили
Sketchyx 08/30/2018 03:56
Hey welcome back!
STARMIN 08/30/2018 00:52
DaleksOfSkaro, Man, I missed being on toonator! Well I'm glad to be back!
DaleksOfSkaro 08/30/2018 00:50
STARMIN, thanks, i missed ya art btw
STARMIN 08/30/2018 00:44
DaleksOfSkaro, It's okay! Nice job for getting passer btw!
DaleksOfSkaro 08/30/2018 00:39
ayy wb dude, hows it hangin? (Im a godm passer now)