02/20/2020 17:12
never to be finished.
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m0i 04/24/2020 06:54
Thank you everyone for your kind comments!! They make me so happy ;;;__;;;; <3333
qwertykatz 02/22/2020 09:46
AAAAAAA ship omg~! ᕙ(^▿^-ᕙ)
Strike_AU 02/21/2020 20:55
whattodo 02/21/2020 12:34
cute UWU
B1uMoonGirl 02/20/2020 21:04
Parasitix 02/20/2020 18:52
Sorry it took me so long to make the poem
Parasitix 02/20/2020 18:51
Back and forth they go, the Black and the Red
Flowers descend, their love starts to spread
They hold hands as they dance, they twirl and they spin
Their pure hearted souls, as cleansed as their skin
Their identity is a mystery, their faces are blurred
Although they are unknown, great things have occurred

*intense clapping*
_StarMoonlight_ 02/20/2020 18:08
m0i, of coures <3
hmmmWellThen 02/20/2020 18:03
this is literally delicious
RadLemonParty 02/20/2020 17:55