10/14/2018 17:21
Rules on the Toon. If you wanna animate, you can, it still has to be colored so don't make it too hard on yourself. There will be three winners. All three will get a fully colored toon by me. Your Death Lizard will also gain a high rank in the Lizard Kingdom. Please post entries in the comment section.
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JacksonAnimates 11/10/2018 09:33
Last day of contest.
JacksonAnimates 11/09/2018 09:23
Ends in 1 day.
JacksonAnimates 11/08/2018 12:14
notice: ends in 2 days
JacksonAnimates 10/16/2018 19:09

Hybrids are allowed. If you mix two lizards, add it in the biology and take features from both lizards.

If mixing a lizard with an outside species, please post a link to the outside parentage.
JacksonAnimates 10/16/2018 17:56
Rare Death Lizard Ref.
JacksonAnimates 10/15/2018 16:01
little-fish, Well, As long as it fits the anatomy of my References, it's good.
little-fish 10/15/2018 15:51
k sorry one more question how far can i customize my death lizard i drawing a Silk or probs a Royal
little-fish 10/15/2018 15:47
JacksonAnimates, yay ty uwu
JacksonAnimates 10/15/2018 15:46
little-fish, This contest kind of gets people to make a death lizard. So you can still do it even if you don't have one since I haven't done adoptables for them yet
little-fish 10/15/2018 15:44
wait can i enter if i haven't made an death lizard yet??