07/07/2018 23:27
im an animater dammit! and im going to animate like one...oof self confidence really doent work for me XD its 12 am and i had a sudden burst of (the ever so rare) modivation. im trying to boost my skills in flying cuz i think thats what i may be sorta good at. this was new for me, working with this angle, and how the wings should really look during movement. im not sure if i did it right thb X'P but working to keep my rank.
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_Disaster_ 07/07/2018 23:41
FlyAway_, thanks!
FlyAway_ 07/07/2018 23:36
_Disaster_, btw im really loving those wings... and sure, we can do shitty collabs!
_Disaster_ 07/07/2018 23:34
FlyAway_, thanks<3 and nooo I don't feel like itXD and yeah, I see a lot of people who have an arc account. I just made it, imam use it for crap and drawings idk yet, ill give u the pass, u can use it too.
FlyAway_ 07/07/2018 23:32
_Disaster_, wow this is so AWESOME!! and go to sleep!!! is that ur spam?
_Disaster_ 07/07/2018 23:30
___SSS 07/07/2018 23:30
ugh im tired, sorry for the spelling errors in the desc. kms