07/07/2018 23:27
im an animater dammit! and im going to animate like one...oof self confidence really doent work for me XD its 12 am and i had a sudden burst of (the ever so rare) modivation. im trying to boost my skills in flying cuz i think thats what i may be sorta good at. this was new for me, working with this angle, and how the wings should really look during movement. im not sure if i did it right thb X'P but working to keep my rank.
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budgerigar921 10/08/2018 03:11
_Disaster_ 07/24/2018 08:42
SnowyClawy, no problem
SnowyClawy 07/24/2018 08:39
Ok, i couldn't do that but its fine! Tysm anyway! :3
SnowyClawy 07/24/2018 08:37
Yay, ty so much! :D I love him btw :3
_Disaster_ 07/24/2018 07:57
SnowyClawy, im not sure if you can, u are welcome to try tho
and thank you<3
SnowyClawy 07/24/2018 07:56
Can i make this as my profile picture? pleaseeeeee, its SOOO great!
4M0UN7 07/23/2018 19:06
_Disaster_ 07/09/2018 22:09
Serulii, true XD its 11am rn and im more motivated then everXD help me
_Drag0ns YEs WInGs
Serulii 07/09/2018 22:06
omg 12 am motivation bursts, the worst and the best thing ever--but the motivation shows through this animation!! ((wing flappy senpai))
_Drag0ns 07/09/2018 16:23