Can I just say something

03/11/2019 03:04
This is to all who are new to toon. This is not just an animation website, there's a community here too. A community that does contain LGBT, furries, hoomans, etc. So just saying, if you hate those types of groups, either keep it to yourself or leave. If you can't keep it in you then at least try say it politely instead of bluntly saying go kill yourself. There are people who come here to escape their real life as well, so they don't need you giving them drama to deal with here. I'm not saying, hey support the furries, they're awesome and they need to rule the world, I just pointing out that there's opinions here and if you disagree, talk about it peacefully, don't start another flamewar, or stay quiet and just deal with, or just leave if you can't handle it at all. Thank you, bye, i need to eat something before I go home.
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BEVERLY_HILLS 03/11/2019 16:36
Kotsuko, I can agree with everything you said.
Well done.
Kotsuko 03/11/2019 16:17
I come back and I see this. But well said Talia. Just because you don't like somebody, it doesn't mean that you should wish for their death or swear at them and stuff. Preferably, we'd like to keep up a clean, safe and interactive community. >o>"

And I wish that there was like something in the homepage with a list of the active moderators or like a mod recruitment or something so that we can manage the site. And the voting's gotta be by an active and faithful mod (or once was). Wish we also had the report system that we could report toons as inappropriate, which is based upon their rank or something. Maybe like the number of medals they have (the more medals, the more they are devoted to the Toonator community and art). I just hope they find a way to help our english toonator server. ^v^"

Another thing too is that there are no contests lately, like, there's barely *excitement* and ways to earn spooders except through the toon of the week/day, and not everybody even gets to get in or stay in it long enough. In most cases, the spooder system glitches and doesn't give us any pay. ;-; That's a load of work wasted (in most cases). I love TN downright to the bone, but it sure needs a LOT of improvement and attention, respectively.

And they need a changelog. We have no idea what's changed or what's about to change. Interaction with us a bit more, please? ^^"

And, man, do I miss the old days.
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massacrethedemon 03/11/2019 16:03
Can someone talk about how people copy my best animations and don't give me credit? I mean It's a bit off topic but had been bothering me the last I was on here and was one of the reasons I mostly work on drawn now.
yougoogle 03/11/2019 15:45
I agree with you, everyone should be seen in equal perspective.
Awkward__Artist 03/11/2019 15:42
Mistaken, Exactly.
Mistaken 03/11/2019 15:35
As someone who used to do all this kind of stuff, I think the problem is that we give them too much angry attention. Since they're kids that want to start something, they don't really know or care about what they do or who's affected in the moment. Like when I'd troll I'd get a lot of people DMing me to kill myself or that I had no talent, and I loved it because I knew it was out of anger and because they were pissed at me and they wanted to get back at me. What we should do is if they interact, don't reply to them, don't even block them, just silently report them to the mods and DM people to let them know that this is happening and to ignore it. Just end the situation as soon as possible with as little interaction as possible, and if they make more accounts they could be IP banned anyway. And once they get banned for good, they'll begin to regret what they did, sooner or later. So just keep calm about it and don't give them what they're doing it for in the first place, attention. Not that what you're saying isn't valid or anything, it absolutely is, just remember not to talk to them and it'll work itself out.
Dodobroking11 03/11/2019 15:04
i can read this now
and i still agree with it
LordChinChin 03/11/2019 14:54
lets point it -._-.
> dramas will never end
> trolls dont give a single dong
> sofa psycology never works
> stop cryin' or writing an essay about em n peace, cuz u just feed like yasuo

and smthng personal about one particular sentence
> ppl escaping rl - suk
LordChinChin 03/11/2019 14:45
ShineX-Daydream, i just realised i wrote it not really understandable, mb u though that
poppliotube 03/11/2019 14:43
Serulii, lol we both sayed preach