Can I just say something

03/11/2019 03:04
This is to all who are new to toon. This is not just an animation website, there's a community here too. A community that does contain LGBT, furries, hoomans, etc. So just saying, if you hate those types of groups, either keep it to yourself or leave. If you can't keep it in you then at least try say it politely instead of bluntly saying go kill yourself. There are people who come here to escape their real life as well, so they don't need you giving them drama to deal with here. I'm not saying, hey support the furries, they're awesome and they need to rule the world, I just pointing out that there's opinions here and if you disagree, talk about it peacefully, don't start another flamewar, or stay quiet and just deal with, or just leave if you can't handle it at all. Thank you, bye, i need to eat something before I go home.
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Conservative_ 03/25/2019 07:15
Conservative_ 03/25/2019 07:07
MsHudson, please explain how the tulps have been condemning the GTLBs
-tu1p 03/25/2019 07:05
The tulps constantly get banned, so...
TulpTulp77 03/25/2019 07:04
MsHudson What did the tulps do to LGBT+ community?
MsHudson 03/14/2019 17:50
HrvatskaTulp77, they have been spamming a lot. In messages and on toons. Some members have been vile and horrible to furries (who regardless of my thoughts on them are still real people and do not deserve being told to kill themselves), as well as members of the LGBT+ community.
HrvatskaTulp77 03/13/2019 19:19
pompi_boy, What exactly did tulp do as I want to provide more insight on the situation.
ebanygamesonfnaf 03/13/2019 15:38
I actually agree with this, because this is where the word "THINK" comes to mind. Here's each word for it: T:is this true? H:is this helpful? I:is this improving? N:is this nice? K:is this Kind?
and, remember this:"If what you say isn't any of those words, then don't say anything."
Kotsuko 03/12/2019 19:04
Awkward__Artist, that's fine because I feel ya. This site lacks attention from the mods and I seriously think it's disappointing (trying to use nice words). It'd be understandable if they had a reason for it, but we need to know that! Even if they did, we'd have no idea! Like-- has only 5 toons ;-; (originally 19) and they're like light years apart for another toon to update or post.
Kotsuko 03/12/2019 18:59
MissHorror123, I DO NOT MISS THAT AT ALL--I don't want people to read my regrets, and even worse comment against them and ruin my image (in them and in others). And wayyy worse is I don't want people using them against me or using them to put me down or making me feel upset. I definitely DO NOT miss that.

I'd keep the comments thing if it was private, though. But I don't want people stalking me like they do on twitter or instagram.
Talia8Pie 03/12/2019 17:21