01/31/2019 10:53
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Nabzzz_Animation 12/02/2019 18:47
BEVERLY_HILLS 12/02/2019 16:18
Wisoga74, Do "c" to copy the frame and do "v" to paste the frame. Then you can do minor edits from there.
BEVERLY_HILLS 12/02/2019 16:16
I remember this
B1uMoonGirl 12/02/2019 15:56
This is smoother than an unripe banana!!!
-BLYOSTKA- 12/02/2019 15:23
Oh my God, this is one of the best creations I've ever seen! (shame for the "good place" in the Russian version of the site)
Wisoga74 12/02/2019 15:07
how do you keep your frame still? Is there a way to do layers? Im asking this because im new :3
Blobby- 12/02/2019 11:59
tiger09 10/06/2019 08:37
lol the first comment you see your like WHAT WHY DOESTN THIS HAVE 20 COMMENTS THIS IS BOOTIFUL vs when you type the comment in oh there are other people uhh
EmG 09/02/2019 14:24
holy shit thats pretty af
Bedazzled-Trash 02/16/2019 17:51
so clean bfewouevdj