05/15/2018 17:38
I just wanna die, die, die :D
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izzyrocks 05/15/2018 19:50
Fallen_Snow, please PLEASE make a story with ur oc and other of ur ocs >_<
Fallen_Snow 05/15/2018 19:38
Burgerface, Why can't it be a thing.
izzyrocks 05/15/2018 19:34
i love it so much is it a dog eating muffin ? im stuped
Burgerface 05/15/2018 19:26
Why is this even a thing...
FG_FatalHydra 05/15/2018 18:47
When/If I ever become a passer, first thing Imma do is a colored drawing. This seems too depressing, we need ANIMATED animations :D. Too bad I'm too busy rn to put a huge effort into some...
Fallen_Snow 05/15/2018 18:43
Dodobroking11, awwww :(
Dodobroking11 05/15/2018 18:42
Fallen_Snow, not really
too much depressing shit stuck there
Fallen_Snow 05/15/2018 18:41
Dodobroking11, ;3 ty thou, but the song will now be stuck in ur head
FG_FatalHydra, Misspelled slap :)
EmotionLess, X3
FG_FatalHydra 05/15/2018 18:19
PandF 05/15/2018 18:17
this music has looped like 5 times now xD (I've been listening to this for about 20 minutes) BUT WHO CAN BLAME ME?

Dad I'm Hungry. Hi Hungry I'm Dad. Why did you name me this way? wa-wa-why?