My penis isn't working

09/05/2019 18:35
Screw driver doesn't help either.


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FNAFgirl2018 09/07/2019 18:37
Fusing 09/06/2019 16:59
Ya'll people actually clowning
Inteligense 09/06/2019 13:12
what, are you fucking lesbian?
_-GOLETA-_ 09/05/2019 23:02
J_M_, kys
J_M_ 09/05/2019 22:25
_-GOLETA-_, nah, I got a gf to give tons of love and support too.

along ith amazing friends aswell
_-GOLETA-_ 09/05/2019 22:20
J_M_, kys
J_M_ 09/05/2019 22:13
_-GOLETA-_, hah.
And no, I'm not canadian leaf.
Im just refusing your offer to 'kys'
I Don't like Kentucky Yeast Sandwiches
_-GOLETA-_ 09/05/2019 22:08
canadian-leaf205 09/05/2019 19:44
gafgot, omh how many times do i have to fucking say im not fighting. this is all a fuckin joke to me lmao
gafgot 09/05/2019 19:41
canadian-leaf205, _-GOLETA-_, why are you fighting about this? just stop!