tired of being alone. (read desc.)

11/08/2018 07:32
alright so, this took me 3 days to finish this,, and ik you guys notice how hard he landed with his butt, so please dont spam me comments that is only about that,,, cause i can sense that one animation/ anatomy mistake would make you feel like you wanna comment only about it,, next time when i reanimate this, it will look more accurately anatomic than this one,, i dont want comments that make fun of only one damn part just like my "two bros" toon with the title that people think its referenced by that vine,,,
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MlXJ3STlC 11/12/2018 07:48
Serulii, wejhflkagjr <33
Serulii 11/11/2018 22:36
aw mix.. *hugs*
BCManimator 11/08/2018 10:43
MlXJ3STlC, love. all the love.
I mean, after all I am your local snuggle bug. I might as well do my job.
MlXJ3STlC 11/08/2018 10:40
BCManimator, omfg why arent you the sweetest,,,,
BCManimator 11/08/2018 10:39
I want to donate all my love to him, for he is a precious bab that I want to preserve from this worlds evil shit.
all huggs and snuggs for the sweet bab. UwU
I will love him until he the happiest boy on dis planet.
MlXJ3STlC 11/08/2018 08:11
his eyes supposed to be dull red/ grey cause he's been lonely for like 6 years and that depresses him a lot- but i put the pure ref eyes cause i want this to be on oldschool and not on colorful-

also this is a part of his backstory that i really should rewrite
SlenderLicky 11/08/2018 08:07
shibaskylee 11/08/2018 07:57
bro he need a hug
pixelchan 11/08/2018 07:54
what vine?
Rgirl77 11/08/2018 07:42
mixjestiic, its all gooddd :)