dragon cough

06/03/2022 14:32
tried working more on timing than the art itself, i like this little dragon guy though.
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_Pomposha_ 06/25/2022 07:23
B1uMoonGirl, nekooneko - is a crazy troll from Ukraine who follows every user because he just has nothing to do
_Pomposha_ 06/25/2022 07:20
nekooneko, are you going to go to private messages to lie about me?
_Pomposha_ 06/25/2022 07:20
nekooneko, are you afraid?
_Pomposha_ 06/25/2022 07:11
nekooneko, coward!
nekooneko 06/25/2022 06:58
B1uMoonGirl, I think we should go to private messages to not disturb that sick person
_Pomposha_ 06/25/2022 06:10
B1uMoonGirl, please ignore these two fools ;)
they are both completely crazy or they just have nothing else to do ;)))
_Pomposha_ 06/25/2022 06:08
certain_zai, nekooneko, вы судите по себе
_Pomposha_ 06/25/2022 05:59
certain_zai, nekooneko, It takes one to know one :)
nekooneko 06/25/2022 04:47
certain_zai, objection! Exists the possibility that her mental physician understands her language
certain_zai 06/25/2022 02:41
B1uMoonGirl, this is a granny from russia with a mental disorder, no one understands what she means =)