Fight Collab?

04/16/2018 15:39
Character im using I have not done these in a long time and kjbvghujk heres some qualifications and PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU CONTINUE. :Im only going to fight 2 people sorry c: so uhh first come first serve, and you must have expiriance animating. and your character cant be human. and i might collab with a few more people if i feel like it So before you continue this, talk to me in the comments first


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dimondclaw888 04/19/2018 16:34
nope I don't have time
dimondclaw888 04/19/2018 16:33
maybe I will do it?
Wolfy-Toonz 04/17/2018 07:07
eh nvm
canadian-leaf205 04/16/2018 21:28
i forgot if i submitted it or not lol
canadian-leaf205 04/16/2018 21:27
canadian-leaf205, nvm ack--
canadian-leaf205 04/16/2018 21:24
EndlessStyless, also can i remake my entry?
canadian-leaf205 04/16/2018 21:08
EndlessStyless, are anthropomorphic animals ok?
EndlessStyless 04/16/2018 20:37
pixelchan, I forgot what those where but of course! >:D
canadian-leaf205 04/16/2018 20:28
k good leafy isnt human
pixelchan 04/16/2018 19:41
EndlessStyless, does an Umbreon sound like a worthy ponent?