imma make a vent account so this account cant get

01/18/2019 13:35
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Isuckatusingmous 01/23/2019 16:04
for a second i thought you were saying your account was rotting xd
tigerblink 01/22/2019 01:39
TheNewOne, your the mr. mister person that i blocked?
time to block you again, ow o
TheNewOne 01/21/2019 20:35
Guess what
tigerblink 01/21/2019 12:22
TheNewOne, yea duh??
And it's made..
it's rotting
TheNewOne 01/21/2019 10:12
So your gonna make another account ._.
tigerblink 01/18/2019 13:36
*spam with vents