im giving up

01/09/2019 16:27
i have tried really hard on toonator and its been a WEEK and the mods haven't even LOOKED at my passer request. im probs gonna quit. might still make animations and check notifications, but no more effort
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WolfHats 01/09/2019 17:11
oh! susimi's a MOD?!
Grimmm 01/09/2019 16:34
WolfHats, I don't think they're a mod? I'm talking abt susimi
Zatch 01/09/2019 16:34
WolfHats, no it’s susimi
WolfHats 01/09/2019 16:33
Yushino, huh.
Grimmm, the only active one is pixelchan, right?
Grimmm 01/09/2019 16:31
WolfHats, nope, it took me 2 entire months to have my passer request rejected once. It's normal. Toon's only down to one active mod I think, and they rarely come on because they have a life outside of toonator.
Yushino 01/09/2019 16:31
WolfHats, not all of their replies are going to be quick.

even mods have their own lives. they dont sit at the computer all day moderating toonator
WolfHats 01/09/2019 16:30
Grimmm, i know thats untrue for a fact. all of the other times i have applied they answered within 4 hours
Grimmm 01/09/2019 16:29
You're just gonna have to wait a long while
You'll get a response eventually but it takes a while for mods to respond