05/30/2018 18:02
Finally got the drawing tablet to work!! Lord it feels great to be animating again, ah man. Plus in Summer where I hope animators will come back and rekindle the flame that made Toonator a wonderful community. UwU
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ebanygamesonfnaf 03/22/2019 07:20
PiperTheArtsyFox, those are the irises.
PiperTheArtsyFox 07/20/2018 15:44
(lol warning) first of all... i went fullscreen... then went out and watched this toon again,the timeline had the dot go off my screen XD and second of all... that black stuff is still on your eyes XD
PiperTheArtsyFox 07/20/2018 15:42
....... something is off here
STARMIN 06/01/2018 17:38
YAY WELCOME BACK ROSEFAM!!! I dont understand how you can animate on a tablet, trust me I CANT
Internut 05/31/2018 19:14
iloveanimating21 05/31/2018 17:01
TinyToons 05/31/2018 15:56
Im so glad youre feeling better

also please teach me how to animate
KyraDaPenguin 05/31/2018 05:25
MrJavier 05/30/2018 23:16
I knew disaster would medal bc of the wings or something
__FusH__ 05/30/2018 23:10
You r back!! :000 <3