07/31/2020 05:58
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-Rotten-Apple- 07/31/2020 19:09
_krisss_ 07/31/2020 18:52
B R O . . . why you livin' in a W A F F L E ?
qwertykatz 07/31/2020 13:33
Oh my gosh- it may actually be the waffle from Zefuro's latest post. Prove me wrong.
LeisurlyBeaver 07/31/2020 13:20
PotatoChipzToon, yeah I also thought it was a giant waffle. Wouldn't it be fucking hilarious if he was living in a giant waffle? Yes I think it would be fucking hilarious.
-Rotten-Apple- 07/31/2020 06:46
PotatoChipzToon, maybe it is
Moltotor 07/31/2020 06:12
PotatoChipzToon, he lives inside waffle
PotatoChipzToon 07/31/2020 06:08
i thought that was a giant waffle