Happy (Really Late) B-day, Fluff!

02/22/2018 21:45
Like, reeally late. Oh well, blame it on schoolwork XD- A few days ago was Fluffo's birthday, and I considered giving her a special doodle dedicated to her. Fluff, you're an amazing person, and you're a very blessed artist, and I hope you'll pass your final exams. You're a good friend to all of us, a and you deserve to have all the gifts from toon. Happy Late Birthday, ilysm! <33
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Fluffowuffo 11/13/2018 14:47
Fluffowuffo 02/23/2018 16:53
AnnikatheLlama, Ah, okie x3 I mean, not worrying about specials would make me more relaxed with animations most likely, tho uwu
AnnikatheLlama 02/23/2018 16:37
Yeah, it doesn't really matter if it's a special or not, I kinda felt the same way when I was gonna animate the face reveal. It's just a number anyway, but if you really think that toon is special to you, you can always do it! uwu
Fluffowuffo 02/22/2018 22:44
AnnikatheLlama, ah ;w;

I can relate TwT yw tho lol

I'm still deciding on what to do next :U I was thinking of leaving my Fantasize Meme as a special, but do you think I should just do that next and not even worry about specials?? >w> Like, just go with the flow and not worry about toon number specials? lol
AnnikatheLlama 02/22/2018 22:20
Fluffowuffo, oh, it really is. distracts me from everything but art ;w;

Also, ty!! I've been thinking of things to animate, kinda seems hard without enough motivation- especially when the only thing you wanna do is doodle T~T
Fluffowuffo 02/22/2018 22:00
AnnikatheLlama, Ah ;w; Was school a factor that made it feel long? It was for me lol X'D I didn't even realize that it had only been 4 days QwQ cri

aaa *huuuuggggs*~<3 >w<

You've been improving a BUNCH btw :'0 I can't wait to see you animate more in this styleee~<3
AnnikatheLlama 02/22/2018 21:54
Fluffowuffo, oh, okay- wait, only 4 days? 4 days kinda felt pretty long... ;w; i lose track of time a lot, and when i use this laptop time just runs away
and Np! *still hugging* <3
Fluffowuffo 02/22/2018 21:49
AnnikatheLlama, Also, it's not that late >w< My birthday was on Sunday for me, and right now it's Thursday for me, so it was only 4 days ago... Man, that's hard to think about how soon it actually was lol XP
Fluffowuffo 02/22/2018 21:47


AnnikatheLlama 02/22/2018 21:46
Fluffowuffo, *hugs at the speed of light*