when you act cool, then... you kinda, hiccup

03/08/2019 23:26
idk, this is all I could think of
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-tu1p 03/11/2019 11:59
dark_chocolate 03/10/2019 18:50
DJ_Wolfie, idk what your talking about 0-0'
DJ_Wolfie 03/10/2019 15:03
dark_Chocolate@ know what else is relatable? us both trying to do the default dance not knowing how to do it.
GriffinTanner 03/10/2019 11:43
Eatme10times 03/10/2019 01:51
DarkAngyl 03/10/2019 01:47
I like dis. Dis me. Dis me when I act cute when I know I am fat white trash. C:
JodieLim 03/09/2019 17:56
dark_chocolate ,I'm a Chinese.I speak Chinese everyday and I always study in a Chinese school. I learn that in school everyday
TW1ST3D 03/09/2019 17:12
eldoqq, 你为什么用中文?
Sorry, i was super confused cause i though you were saying 喜欢 but i didn't recognize the one you used... you speak traditional Chinese? i only speak simplified. :3
dark_chocolate 03/09/2019 12:59
DJ_Wolfie, The most relatable thing in the world, this reminds me of when I was trying to do the fortnite dance get hype in front of the mirror, I thought to myself, WHAT AM I DOING.
DJ_Wolfie 03/09/2019 12:52
when you think your cool but you look in the mirror and think to urself wot am i doing?