some answeres....

04/02/2018 08:41
so ive been getting asking if im depressed or have bi-polar and honostly ik some of you are joking but yes and no kinda i used to have really bad depression because i was in a foster home who only wanted me for the money but i was put into another home for a long time and they eventualy adopted me YAY and my depression has gotten better but i still have a tiny bit not so bad i need to take medicine this site has actually helped me but uhh those are your answers k by now xD love ya<3
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galaxykat 04/03/2018 07:15
well im glad your depression is getting better! ^W^
EdgyRaven12 04/02/2018 08:43
capp aww sank you
blubeanie 04/02/2018 08:43
capp 04/02/2018 08:42
i feel bad for you
EdgyRaven12 04/02/2018 08:42
yas as in '' really bad depression i meant bi polar k bye now