cough cough

04/13/2020 13:28
stay home, wash ya hands, keep to yourself. stay safe everyone. im finally going to sleep now :1


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Serulii 04/24/2020 20:07
bro this is SO satisfying adslkfjasdf
-__-__-__-__-__- 04/19/2020 13:03
jiggyrogny1009gg, they said it to me as well the exact words luckily it already happened in my past life
jiggyrogny1009gg 04/16/2020 13:45
jiggyrogny1009gg, im joking yes dark humour thats just being cocky i know
jiggyrogny1009gg 04/16/2020 13:45
Front_Shooter, already happened
jiggyrogny1009gg 04/16/2020 13:45
andrwndt 04/16/2020 13:23
yall are crazzzyyy
Front_Shooter 04/16/2020 10:35
PuppyLove20 04/15/2020 08:04
Front_Shooter, Please just leave me alone people.
RobloxianCats 04/14/2020 15:08
Front_Shooter, Shouldn't you be saying that to jiggyrogny1009gg?
He's the one who said "go outside and catch it"
Front_Shooter 04/14/2020 12:52
PuppyLove20, Hopefully, tarantulas bursts out of your stomach, killing you, and prior to that, you cough up blood feeling sick from head to toe, barely being able to move, being completely tortured.