Calling out to all stickman animators

02/03/2019 15:26
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-AnAntAnimates- 02/05/2019 17:29
Hi- I CAN do sitckmen- If you want an example i'll send one. And i'll think about joining- or does it need to be like- your oc? Im not a stickman animator, but i'll do this thing if you want. Whatever works. :)
Bush123 02/05/2019 17:21
Maybe Meh.
KnightMirror 02/05/2019 17:02
ok can i
xShadowSlayer95 02/05/2019 09:35
I do some stickman animations but i animate on the website so up to you
doooderoo 02/05/2019 07:53
poppliotube 02/04/2019 21:30
i would but not cause idk what to so stuff about(draw about )
Ninoh-Ja 02/04/2019 18:58
seems interesting but i dont have much skill
-Hydra- 02/04/2019 18:57
i would join but i suck and my drawing tablet is broken
DETHORN 02/03/2019 15:30
lol i hope somebody actually joins this
DETHORN 02/03/2019 15:26
I want to create this thing were all stickman animators apply to join this band. The band will contain 4-6 animators these animators will be hand picked to join. Once we have the animators we need we will get started. We have only one objective and its to slowly conquer the world.(long term project)