07/17/2018 07:25
Just testing to see if animating backgrounds would be fun and it's not- Either way a small tour of a made up planet I thought of, this took forever and my hand hurts and everything hurts but it's done
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IAlwaysWaitMore 07/17/2018 09:26
-Perspective-, Ah sorry I misread!
Igor2077, Thank you so much for the medal as well aaaaaaah!
FluffyPanther 07/17/2018 09:23
Just an ongoing jungle of vine next to rock
-Perspective- 07/17/2018 09:17
IAlwaysWaitMore, oof I mean WHO but I'll find someone.. thanks for the help and sorry for posting on the wrong animation.
IAlwaysWaitMore 07/17/2018 09:10
-Perspective-, It’s ok! There’s a little mail icon on the top right of Toonator’s page, click on it and type whoever’s name you want to message.

Or alternatively just find the user you want to send a pm to and click the “Send Message” under their avatar and rank.
-Perspective- 07/17/2018 09:07
IAlwaysWaitMore, Sorry, I don't know who to pm.. >-<
IAlwaysWaitMore 07/17/2018 09:05
moham1, Oh hi didn’t know you were still alive, thank you!
-Perspective-, This is kinda not the right place to advertise your toon, if you need help, send someone a PM or comment on a more appropriate toon, thanks! ^^
Robot2014, Ahh thank you so much for the medal, I appreciate it a lot! <33
-Perspective- 07/17/2018 08:59
Can someone give me some 3D advice on my room?
FG_FatalHydra 07/17/2018 08:54
Toasty430 07/17/2018 08:46
for some reason i imagine this being underground in a cave or something
moham1 07/17/2018 08:30
this is so fucking dope