07/17/2018 07:25
Just testing to see if animating backgrounds would be fun and it's not- Either way a small tour of a made up planet I thought of, this took forever and my hand hurts and everything hurts but it's done
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drumcat 06/18/2020 15:28
ebanygamesonfnaf 05/18/2019 06:47
feels as if this toonator animation was yet to be discovered all over again.
Ceralius101 01/01/2019 22:37
I'm literally dying rn, there is so much damn atmosphere and I'm getting so inspired.
Ieatcoins 10/06/2018 20:46
I wanna squish it
puppy_lover1 09/14/2018 18:51
PiperTheArtsyFox 09/01/2018 08:36
you make the WORD majestic sound majestic "/
PiperTheArtsyFox 09/01/2018 08:36
how... how do you do it??
LockWaitDisas 08/07/2018 09:18
100th like ;)
Sass-Crystal 08/06/2018 05:28
This is SO AMAIZING! so smooth and pleasing to look at! Ily no homo
Amelia2325 07/22/2018 14:26
OMG this is so good!!!