first seizure - memories contest

04/23/2020 11:55
OK OK SO! DISCLAIMER: i have epilepsy. and i know someone is going to ask in the comments, "do seizures hurt?" short answer (because it is short) no. they do not. i am unconsious the whole time. my seizures last up to 1-2 minutes, but its different for every person. the first time i had a seizure was in 6th grade. i had just gotten home from school. i sat down to have a snack and next thing i knew i was in a hospital bed, no idea what had happened. according to my mom, she got home from work and saw me laying on the floor convulsing, unresponsive. she called 911 and we got to the hospital. about 30 minutes later i came to my senses and she told me what happened. i was in the hospital for 2 days. i barely ate anything. i was strapped to an IV. it was horrible. my mom stayed with me the whole time, she slept in a chair. when i finally got out they perscribed me a medication called "kepra". long story short, it didn't work and i was having tonic clonic seizures about every 1-2 months. i h
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sashabraus101 05/28/2021 23:14
Rushy, it’s called a drop attack, it happens to some babies
B1uMoonGirl 11/26/2020 14:19
my sister (NunaNoodle) has dravet syndrome, which is a rare form of epilepsy. shes had her seizures since she was just a few months old but!! yay! shes on a new mad and doing amazing! this december we will celebrate 500 days seizure free!
Her condition still affects her a lot though. She doesn't act so normal, but she doesn't mind so I don't mind.
Rushy 07/07/2020 09:40
hmmmWellThen, ikr imagine having epilepsy and not being able to control a disorder that will effect u for th rest of your life lmaooo
hmmmWellThen 07/04/2020 21:10
lol imagine having seizures l m a o ecks dee ;-;
-__-__-__-__-__- 04/27/2020 15:14
PuppyLove20, omg, crazy man. i cant imagine what it must be like to know you have someone else's heart inside of you, and having this happen to your kid??? oh god...
PuppyLove20 04/27/2020 09:02
Rushy, Cool! Didn't know that!
Rushy 04/27/2020 08:36
alSOOOOOO! my seizures r not caused by flashing lights!! (well except fluorescent ones). flashing lights being the only thing to cause seizures is a common misconception. fun fact
Rushy 04/27/2020 08:33
PuppyLove20, i also just like to talk to ppl who like stuff i make so u know :)
Rushy 04/27/2020 08:33
PuppyLove20, im bored :,0
PuppyLove20 04/27/2020 08:32
Rushy, jeez u respond fast too!