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11/20/2020 23:52
I posted it and it show anonymous sending it....i dont get it here xD but ye I drew this so shush


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Dollyex 11/21/2020 20:54
kraftcheese, well yey xD
kraftcheese 11/21/2020 20:53
Dollyex yep lol
Dollyex 11/21/2020 20:53
--- its something else now but atleast I had time to screenshot it xD
Dollyex 11/21/2020 20:52
kraftcheese, wait was this in goodplace twice??
kraftcheese 11/21/2020 20:50
Dollyex OFC U R *spins around really fast* XD rnaodm
Dollyex 11/21/2020 20:49
wai wha....im in goodplac- oml thanks O ~ O
Dollyex 11/21/2020 20:41
B1uMoonGirl, thanksssss
-__-__-__-__-__- 11/21/2020 14:06
Epicxz, do it to zatch then, not dolly.
ah wait, zatch didn't do anything shitty that caused everyone to hate him. he doesn't need a clean slate
Zatch 11/21/2020 14:01
Epicxz, lmaoooo if you hate me so much then why do you copy what i do
Epicxz 11/21/2020 13:43
B1uMoonGirl, when im on kiNgReBeL , zatch is always like hi epicxz or when he tells me somth e always says epicxz its pretty annoying