A less flashy color palate for Zc

06/25/2017 15:17
THIS IS NOT HOW SHE WILL ALWAYS LOOK i feel like my characters like moss and meri have TOO BRIGHT of colors so i might redraw them with thia more gray colors to see how they look
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ZacharyTheDragon 12/16/2017 22:50
since of all the fanart it feels like this is a "MAKE ZC IN THIS COLOUR!" contest xD
chibisenpai 12/04/2017 03:02
Mystyck 12/02/2017 20:21
can I make fanart?
Shultiex 09/17/2017 02:42
JiggyIsTrash 08/20/2017 07:40
dragonz4life 06/26/2017 16:15
Idk i tried.....
broken_anchor 06/25/2017 15:49
Zeecless, bless
Zeecless 06/25/2017 15:44
broken_anchor, YEAH OF COURSE :D!!!
broken_anchor 06/25/2017 15:27
can i try the same thing if thats alright?
Zeecless 06/25/2017 15:22
dragonz4life, ok ;u;