Contest owo

10/12/2018 13:00
wow this is the first time ive done this haha. anyway make whatever drawing (or animation) you can come up with by listening to 1 of these 3 songs: sure you say what song you used. you can use any colors you want as long as i see at least a few of the ones i picked. these songs all different feels, so im judging them based on the connection to the song ^^. ends Oct 25th___ first place: fully coloured drawing. or animation (here or adobe animate) second: semi coloured drawing. third: detailed line art. IF you have me on any social meda (insta or discord) i can do your prize digitally instead of on toon. if u want. HAVE FUN
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JacksonAnimates 11/05/2018 12:38
_Disaster_, Wait, who won? I've been gone a few over a week
crystal_rainwing 10/25/2018 21:00
intense! except...
... I won't win so...
Not so intense ;-;
_Disaster_ 10/25/2018 14:30
no more days left! ill be saying the winners soon
ElectricBluw 10/25/2018 13:26
ElectricBluw, song used: Do I Wanna Know
crystal_rainwing 10/25/2018 09:08
wow its almost over....
im so going to lose ;-;
ElectricBluw 10/24/2018 18:19
aa a afinal
Terrible_Fate 10/23/2018 20:03
PiperTheArtsyFox 10/23/2018 15:22
Shultiex 10/23/2018 00:05
mixjestiic 10/23/2018 00:03
Kotsuko, there are too many good artists xD
happened to me with elle's contest (the one before the halloween one started)
i lost cause there were talented people who won akjrfbfdkj