07/29/2015 20:14
Orcas are highly intelligent animals, yet still certain companies are allowed to ruin these poor animals lives. No orca is supposed to be entertaining humans, it's supposed to be with his/hers family. In captivity these animals live rarely over 20 years, when in wild they easily go above 50 years. One saying other is lying and you can just google it.


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_StarMoonlight_ 07/21/2021 13:46
oh wow, this looks really nice. But that sounds horrible :(
birdflight 08/07/2015 00:00
welcome any time
narsku 08/03/2015 14:12
thank you !
Thanatos_The_Guy 08/03/2015 10:46
You should be an Animator! You are awesome at animating!
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Thank you rosie!
Rosie28 08/02/2015 22:57
this animation is awesome!
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Wolf-RatLover419, Thank you!
Wolf-RatLover419 08/01/2015 18:12
This is incredible! I love it!
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Dark-Ivory,I'll try to. :) Still thanks.
KevinMurcowitz, Thank you! :) And disturbing isn't it.
MowserTheCat, LOL i am glad you liked it that much. ^_^
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wolflover7, Yes the pools they are kept in are too small, more info of from Black fish the documentary if you are interested. :)
Decim, ^_^ As always! You too, keep shining! ;D
Dark-Ivory 08/01/2015 09:50
narsku, naah, don't worry about it >.< you don't need to use words, just keep on animating like this *v*