quick random things about me

04/01/2018 12:27
just if anyone was wondering (it's kinda like a meet the artist??) 1) I'm 13, my birthdays Jan 28th 2) you guys can call me anything related to my username(s) since I hate my real name 3) I'm non binary so go ahead and use any pronouns 4)I'm panromantic asexual, but like just saying gay af also works 5) I only really cuss if I'm REALLY pissed, so watch out 6) oh yes if you're somehow that stupid and can't tell I'm a furry ofc, and make fursuits (one so far, lmfao) 7) also toon family: Thorn is my mom, RoseFam and Elle are my aunties, Hydra is my bro, Dragonz is my sis, Dodo is my husband, Sherlock and Hantu are my sons, horror is my daughter in law, Plush is my grandson, and blue us my granddaughter. That's probably all. 8) been here nearly 3 years, joined 5/5/15 9) I have a svtfoe problem, also miraculous ladybug is great. so is doctor who and torchwood and the Orville and Merlin and- you get the idea 10) death xd OK THATS ALL THANKS ❤❤
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Dodobroking11 04/23/2018 13:07
SnowLeopardzz, begone fetus
SnowLeopardzz 04/21/2018 03:00
Dodobroking11, foight me
narwhale220 04/09/2018 07:26
Dodobroking11 04/09/2018 04:42
SnowLeopardzz, drop kicks
SnowLeopardzz 04/08/2018 15:17
narwhale220, You know you love me
narwhale220 04/04/2018 20:32
JacksonOCs 04/04/2018 20:21
- – -
-SherlockHolmes- 04/04/2018 20:15
l o v e
Dr. w h o
-SherlockHolmes- 04/04/2018 20:14
MUM I love you
narwhale220 04/03/2018 19:29
gaymagazine, why not