!! <3

09/26/2018 12:41
sdifhgdf why do i always fail the smoothness of an animation adilfhi


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Cyanocitta 10/01/2018 21:46
sushiboi 09/28/2018 16:11
N00b0122, PicklesWithFruit, guys, it's not going to work. stop.
mixjestiic 09/28/2018 13:29
Dodobroking11 09/28/2018 12:56
DaleksOfSkaro 09/28/2018 12:54
Dodobroking11, the mods cant fix it, the owners are the ones that have to notice, or be told, that the site is out of space.
Dodobroking11 09/28/2018 12:53
mixjestiic, it wont work
the mods wont care that some 9 year old is typing fix toon in the chat
PicklesWithFruit 09/28/2018 12:52
mixjestiic, IT
mixjestiic 09/28/2018 12:44
N00b0122, PicklesWithFruit, idk if thats gonna work ;-;