Hot Chocolate

03/21/2018 11:55
aaaa this probably stretched out for a couple of weeks (which are mostly procrastination) and it seemed like forever to make, first with a trackpad until i got a new tablet stylus uwu----original by AmeraXi
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PeaceLion 03/23/2018 19:10
lol i work with a computer and a touchpad :<
JordanCheyenne10 03/22/2018 19:45
If I had enough Spooders this would have a fifth medal.
SilverFrost 03/22/2018 16:11
So guuud OwO
nyanstar_260 03/22/2018 11:26
Lishu 03/22/2018 10:02
This is beautiful Annika! And this is one of my favorite animation memes too! XD
Elle_5 03/21/2018 22:41
AnnikatheLlama, uwu// hu gs <3
AnnikatheLlama 03/21/2018 21:27
Elle_5, sniff
Elle_5 03/21/2018 20:26
AnnikatheLlama, aw don't cryy and bc u deserve it hon uwu <33
AnnikatheLlama 03/21/2018 18:43
Elle5, hhhhh thanks but
why'd u give meh medal i didn't ask for dis *sobs*
Elle5 03/21/2018 17:57
yooo this is smooth af