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05/13/2018 18:27
My mom forced me to cut my hair really short and now I feel like i've been labelled as worst tomboy in school
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Lifesucks 05/15/2018 18:52
Just how I feel
takashisenpai18 05/15/2018 14:48
darkmoondust, oof same here! i have people who never stop bothering me even when i ignore them XDD
takashisenpai18 05/15/2018 14:47
dude ignore them! those people are just assholes who want to make you feel sad.
darkmoondust 05/15/2018 06:19
me. every. damn. day.
KyraDaPenguin 05/15/2018 02:23
Why did she force you?
AnnikatheLlama 05/15/2018 01:19
oh dang i'm so sorry ;w;
Serulii 05/15/2018 00:31
aw i feel you ;_; but yes there are a lot of cute short hairstyles you could try, and if anyone makes fun of you for your hair then they're not worth listening to anyways. ^_^
AnthTanth 05/14/2018 18:48
zefuro 05/14/2018 09:17
i love tsunderes
Jazzmary 05/14/2018 09:03
I love tomboy looks! People don't know how to embrace anyone unique or anything new, let them. Karma bites hard. What goes around comes around, and don't worry, :/ people in this society are corrupted in a way we can't exactly change. Very sad, but true...