Unstoppable caracters (update)

01/10/2019 14:36
I have to add the descriptions and some more forms
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Turp- 03/13/2019 17:16
Ansonlin360 03/13/2019 16:09
Lel law enforcement are an unstoppable character does that mean a fight between Dartus and a cop would turn out a tie XD
Fallen_Snow 03/10/2019 11:35
Mega Dartus reminds me of that alien from Alien VS Predator lol
SwagTomato 01/15/2019 12:34
TheSlenderSword, Sorry but these caracters are part of my series or they have been shown in it.
TheSlenderSword 01/15/2019 12:16
Although mine suck
TheSlenderSword 01/15/2019 12:15
May I Be added :D
SlenderLicky 01/15/2019 08:50
lobe it
TheOneAboveAll2 01/11/2019 14:01
Probs not, though these characters look like bosses.
SwagTomato 01/11/2019 13:16
IamNOgoodARTIST 01/10/2019 16:27
So, "The Fist" is your version of the Infinity Gauntlet? ;)