Really Bad Omega Flower

11/26/2016 22:45
I failed


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jojoanims 09/13/2018 17:19
Lellalora, we know
jojoanims 09/13/2018 13:32
omega flower
Particlesatwar 09/12/2018 09:09
ItsMiaAndDE, reply?
Lellalora 03/18/2017 10:54
Asriel is flowey btw
ItsMiaAndDE 01/03/2017 01:02
Talia8Pie, And if U want to replay, press @ beside their username :3
Talia8Pie 12/11/2016 02:59
Ohhh.... :I
Rayannbow 12/08/2016 04:46
the shading in this is great, maybe just blend it a bit
and you don't have to animate the frames seperately. if you make it 1 frame, it still gives you the option to play it and it will show you the speedpaint.
pretty nice!