palette adopts owo

10/08/2018 09:35
(insp from ) pick a palette, describe what you want your character's personality to be and add a song or two that you think will match the adopt. be creative!! (ill only do creatures/animals sorry)
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spineboy 11/11/2018 15:20
i think im gonna cancel this but i might make these if i ever feel like it sorry
spineboy 11/05/2018 13:18
blubeanie, yeah theres still not enough entries
blubeanie 11/05/2018 12:44
remember this,,, lol,,
TinyTrashCan 10/12/2018 11:29

1. a lonely hot-tempered boye who drinks pomegranate juice to calm down when hes angr
song :

2. they have heterochromia iridium(2 different colored eyes) gdfgdr silly and always smiling but has malicious intentions
songs : -

3. they very paranoid and has trust issues but they don't mind being alone,, they like to swim as a hobby tho
songs : -
blubeanie 10/12/2018 10:52
spineboy, oof :'0
spineboy 10/10/2018 06:50
also changing the due date bc no one entered for 2
so its gonna be due when there's at least 3 entries for each palette oof
spineboy 10/10/2018 06:49
bobba-milk, yeah sure
bobba-milk 10/10/2018 06:14
can i draw with the first palette even though im not entering? (can enter either its due today glihrjeks)
blubeanie 10/09/2018 11:09
blubeanie, if i do get one i would prefer 3 since i have a few designs that im considering (with that story) for 1
skippitt 10/08/2018 19:29