01/31/2018 21:42
i miss you too u_u
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facegirl 02/18/2019 10:39
how did she change color?
budgerigar921 08/16/2018 03:34
shes a him!!!!!! well i think
OllieBoi 07/08/2018 18:49
the sad
SlenderLicky 07/08/2018 18:00
Serulii, youre as true artist
Munny 07/08/2018 17:50
OOOOOOOHHHHHH I get it the white hand is the person after the red one disapears which the red one is a lost loved one assuming because it glitches away anyways how do u animate that?
Serulii 07/02/2018 14:56
TiannaToons, nanaan2, appleeater_, ;___; thank youu (and hah this was before i knew you could press f for fullscreen rip me)
nanaan2 07/02/2018 12:54
This is so beautiful.
appleeater_ 07/02/2018 12:47
aww this is so good but sad
CuriousClaws 07/02/2018 05:03
TiannaToons 07/02/2018 02:33
omfg im crying ;-;