genie loophole

05/23/2021 10:05
how to avoid 'no wishing for more wishes' rule tutorial HD
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hayat0672 05/23/2021 13:25
B1uMoonGirl, Sad reality :”)
B1uMoonGirl 05/23/2021 13:25
the reason he said drat is because since hes the only genie for miles around he sort of has a wish monopoly, with everyone coming from miles around to see him for wishes. now that theres two he wont be as popular. word will spread that you can just wish to be a genie and soon genies wont even be rare or special
hayat0672 05/23/2021 13:22
Ahah oops I didn’t know that. still giving the other genie wishes tho
SSJ_Emani212 05/23/2021 13:19
i mean its a kind act
SSJ_Emani212 05/23/2021 13:18
B1uMoonGirl 05/23/2021 13:18
then you grant the other genie wishes
SSJ_Emani212 05/23/2021 13:18
but being a genie means u cant give urself wishes