i AlMoSt DrOpPeD mY cRoIsSaNt

10/09/2018 14:48
I hate myself -@Rushy
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WolfHats 12/05/2018 21:33
I want to give this a medal but I have no spooders
WolfHats 11/28/2018 12:47
i don't know what to say...
B1uM0onGirl 11/28/2018 12:35
woo I gave the 50th like yay
B1uM0onGirl 11/28/2018 12:35
I was eating a croissant when I saw this, and laughed so hard I almost dropped it.

(I wish)
TheMemeist 11/28/2018 11:51
Rushy, yesde
Rushy 11/28/2018 11:48
TheMemeist 11/28/2018 11:47
Rushy, because it is meme
Rushy 11/28/2018 11:47
TheMemeist 11/28/2018 11:40
Rushy, it was me uwu
I-IdoubtfurbyI-I 11/28/2018 11:03
are you gonna eat the rest o dat **croissant* (dead meme i know)