11/03/2019 00:56
here we are in the future and it's WRONG
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gueswhatimafurby 11/04/2019 12:14
yoshihomo, thats a reply to witch of my comments?
yoshihomo 11/03/2019 19:32
gueswhatimafurby, god shut the fuck up you edgy cunt
gueswhatimafurby 11/03/2019 19:11
gueswhatimafurby 11/03/2019 15:29
why does he look like he wants to rape me in my sleep?
gueswhatimafurby 11/03/2019 15:28
tiger09, oh, now we know
Zatch 11/03/2019 10:20
noooo I hate stegen uniflam
tiger09 11/03/2019 08:35
no when steven dies he be sans
Boytiger99 11/03/2019 04:33
dats vey niice owowo
Deltatoon_AU 11/03/2019 01:22
TarynStar, ok ill pm u pass
TarynStar 11/03/2019 01:21
Deltatoon_AU, never. as you can see, i am very professional. never troll. uwu