damiens boyf

12/28/2018 13:58
norweigan boyo!! he speaks english, norweigan, and german and loves damien v much
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eggiee 04/11/2019 17:45
RookMajonika, thank you uwu!! his parents are norweigan and English so he's fluent and those and took german as another language in school
RookMajonika 04/01/2019 16:03
german speaking is so hard tho,this boi is either golden or patient.Also,approve of the mask
eggiee 12/28/2018 14:08
SpacePAINtur 12/28/2018 14:06
just thought that was sally face
eggiee 12/28/2018 14:02
eggiee, oh my memory is being dumb
he has severe ptsd and depression from childhood trauma (I dont know as much about him because he isnt my oc, the owner doesn't have toonator oops)
eggiee 12/28/2018 13:58
hes also very sad