It Is What It Is

08/08/2018 10:21
(Song: Dying in LA - Panic! At the disco) Two hours and twenty-seven minute draw.
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-SherlockHolmes- 11/14/2018 08:04
fluffs77, Rgirl77, Thank youu
Rgirl77 11/14/2018 07:45
AHHHH oml its so good
fluffs77 11/07/2018 20:48

Just HOW
-SherlockHolmes- 11/05/2018 07:53
Kotsuko, Loud music and a depressed artist
Kotsuko 11/04/2018 14:11
"Under these lights, our tears will shine, and above the darkness, the drops will fall. Take my hand, wrap my warmth. Take my shoulder and cry out."

Sorry I don't know anything about the song or the actual purpose of this MASTERPIECE but *SCREAMS* HOW TFFF
-SherlockHolmes- 09/12/2018 07:09
Teala, thanks ;u;
Teala 09/12/2018 00:16
WOW. This is so amazing and I don't even know what is. that blending is incredible. just so incredible.
MissHorror123 08/18/2018 08:49
-SherlockHolmes-, fanart

F a n a r t


Sir, i need to visit you in this momment

I need gud jawnlock fanart ;0
-SherlockHolmes- 08/18/2018 06:58
Serulii, Come and visit me, I have tons of fanart to give you.
Serulii 08/17/2018 21:11
-SherlockHolmes-, fdsklafjDFL true- omg i love this show