i just made the best thing (desc)

10/09/2018 16:47
music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkinWcATv-I
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Rushy 10/13/2018 14:09
Copy_And_Paste 10/13/2018 13:57
wut is it?
xX-Karolina-Xx 10/12/2018 01:11
Nice XD
MagicSnowDragon 10/10/2018 16:06
Rushy 10/10/2018 16:04
PiperTheArtsyFox 10/10/2018 15:56
e: "You wanna have a bad time?' Sa- Wolfy-- Guy on animation: "Sure I can't see why not." Me: "B*tch let's go."
TheMemeist 10/10/2018 13:19
Rushy, Oh those. Well yeah they are a meme
Rushy 10/10/2018 13:14
TheMemeistArmy, well the red eyes i mean
im not copying anyone
those eyes are a meme
TheMemeistArmy 10/10/2018 12:45
Noobz24, No i use dots
Rushy 10/10/2018 12:11
Noobz24, those eyes are a meme,,,
everyone uses them at one point