Contest entry @_cuddles_

02/23/2019 13:38
tried something simple... but i know i already lost since Ttaryn and SketchZi took part in it lmao. Anyway heres the link for the contest also im banned till monday and that the reason why i can't reply to anyone, i aint tryna act rude
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zefuro 03/26/2019 10:29
RedPandos 03/25/2019 14:37
Master Blendendo
Cakepopey 03/02/2019 15:29
oh lawd the preview
zefuro 03/02/2019 04:42
enzo193, thanks :)
enzo193 03/01/2019 20:20
this hair is...

So good <3
zefuro 02/28/2019 11:44
StichedFace, idk my choice of clothing is kinda lame tbh
narwhale220 02/27/2019 18:53
zefuro, ❤❤❤
StichedFace 02/27/2019 17:01
zefuro, z do you think you can give me the clothing ideas now :3
zefuro 02/27/2019 10:59
narwhale220 Thanks for the medal! :D
zefuro 02/25/2019 15:59
Kotsuko, Thanks! Surprisingly, This time, the shading was actually quite easy and it didnt take as long as i expected it to take, and i was quite satisfied with how it turned out. maybe its due to the lack of different types of colour i was meant to use...
JJ-An-Scath, Thanks!