05/29/2019 08:13
I came from the Мультатор, just was curious to visit this site. I don't know English well, so I write through an interpreter.I hope everything is clear.
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-nikto 05/29/2019 09:01
capp, Thank You owo
capp 05/29/2019 08:57
hello and welcome! your art is very cute
ryuulei 05/29/2019 08:21
-nikto, ^w^
-nikto 05/29/2019 08:20
ryuulei, >w<
ryuulei 05/29/2019 08:18
ah, greetings!
its nice to see a multator user come over here!

i recently visited your website, so its nice to know someone from their is visiting us over at toonator!
purple-frostbite 05/29/2019 08:17
-nikto, I can understand that. Toonator is dead mostly everytime I'm online so its easy to think that.
-nikto 05/29/2019 08:16
purple-frostbite, I didn't think I'd be noticed so quickly.
purple-frostbite 05/29/2019 08:14
Everything is clear to me, at least. Welcome (back?) to Toonator.