Turtle Pinball

12/17/2017 04:36
Yes, I know the pinball doesn't look like a turtle but if you look closely, there are little sticks poking out of it which bare some kind of resemblance to a creature; And yes, I have followed the rules, since you can copy and paste for the background, and the pinball table is technically the background. This does look quite rushed, but I still like it so, here ya go!
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kianjir 12/22/2017 11:38
d'aww poor little guy
fabio0217 12/19/2017 19:40
TKninjas 12/19/2017 17:28
That was pretty funny! Nice one.
flipbookboy 12/18/2017 14:59
RIP PotatoSalads parents. You will both live in our hearts forever more...
-clou 12/18/2017 08:52
This game is legend
Zionaaaaa 12/17/2017 19:26
dat issa cool
whenwillIusethis 12/17/2017 19:15
PotatoSalads, W0t u sayin, m8? O_O
TomTord_shit 12/17/2017 18:28
This is cool!
PotatoSalads 12/17/2017 17:55
I find dis offensive, my parents died from a pin ball machine.
Bomby 12/17/2017 17:51
This pretty well done!
Nice job Flip! ^-^