I Love You

02/07/2020 11:17
;-; sorry it's another vent
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JourneyToDrawiii 02/09/2020 09:19
Dark_Abyss, thank you!!!
Dark_Abyss 02/08/2020 17:05
Wow, this has a lot of personality!! Its great!!
JourneyToDrawiii 02/08/2020 03:28
Soniccc_exeee, Oof thanks
Soniccc_exeee 02/07/2020 13:56
btw great job its really good
Soniccc_exeee 02/07/2020 13:53
IM GONNA CRYYYY but it reminds me of a YouTubers editor
JourneyToDrawiii 02/07/2020 11:21
-__-__-__-__-__-, Thanks XD
-__-__-__-__-__- 02/07/2020 11:20
wow this is so cool!! i dont mind if its a vent you can vent whenever you want x

and really i clicked super fast this is rlly good :o
_StarMoonlight_ 02/07/2020 11:20
JourneyToDrawiii, no problem :D

keep up the good work ;)
JourneyToDrawiii 02/07/2020 11:20
_StarMoonlight_, Oh yeah that thing!
_StarMoonlight_ 02/07/2020 11:18
aw, that's so sad....

it in a way reminds me of hannahaki disease for some reason

but this is a really good animation