Hair turn practice

02/08/2018 23:29
Any critiques? I really am new to hair animating. What would you suggest I do differently?
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Eatme10times 06/30/2018 20:57
dammmm..... thats amaizing
Picodoux 05/11/2018 16:19
Meh ... the switchs of the hair on this one was a little bit bad...
Fluffowuffo 02/12/2018 18:18
Wylieguy, .. Really? :U It still seems off to me, but I'm getting advice from a friend on working on it.

Since I'm unable to work on the draft rn tho, I just made a little note to myself on how I need to fix the animation
IcypenguinAJ 02/09/2018 21:29
Cool and good
Wylieguy 02/09/2018 17:09
Hello again Fluffowuffo ! It is nice to hear from you. The hair in your animations seems spot on
Fluffowuffo 02/08/2018 23:41
Fluffowuffo, And I'm also new to hair animating; still workin' on the hair part of my most-recently worked on draft alone :'3
Fluffowuffo 02/08/2018 23:40
Hello again there